We have a directory with over 37000 Jewish Surnames, the roots, meaning and location distribution

If you would like to know more information about your surname please email info@shtetlarchives.org with your request and we will reply with any information that we may hold, there is a £3.00 fee which is refundable if you are not happy with findings.


 Also available we have a genealogy "Starter Kit", an introduction to Jewish genealogy. This booklet will help you begin your family tree and gives an insight as to why we were given surnames, surnames adoption, how we were given surnames, once we were given surnames how were they changed, surname sources, how to decode a surname, given names, where to start, and useful contacts.


There is a £9.99 charge for the booklet which includes delivery, you can purchase this by clicking on the following link Buy Booklet

  In genealogy, the results must be measured by the proper use of research principles, methodologies, and practice. Since no researcher can guarantee the results of research, a researcher can, through experience, determine what records exist, analyze the information found therein, and make cogent recommendations for future successful research.

What kind of materials will be found in your case?

        • Birth, marriage, death registrations

    • Jewish Community (Kahal) records

   • Immigrations lists

     • Pogrom and Holocaust - related mater• Property records

• Lists of family members

    • Information about your Surname

We work on a Pay as you go service, for a small fee of £100.00 will buy 5 hours The 5 hour fee is non-refundable and we would provide you with a written report of our findings and an estimated time scale in reconstructing your family tree.

Pay As You Go Service 5 hours for only £100.00!

We will open you a free genealogy account, where you will be kept updated with all new activity via email.

You will also be presented with family tree dating far back as possible, we have already managed to go as far as the 18th century with a number of clients.

We will also provide you with a family booklet full of historical family findings for you to keep as a momentum. For an extra charge we are also able to get copies of vital records as stated above.

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